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[)e/\th! admin application

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[)e/th! admin application

Post by death5421 on Thu Feb 25, 2010 8:14 am

In-Game Name: Pfc. [)e/\th! [104 ID] (ignore the other shit besides death)

Steam Name*(contact purposes): death5421

Steam Page: would be my in game name.

Steam ID: how the hell should i know my steam id number

Previous Admin Experience?: i use to have admin on a CSS server before it was shut down due to payments not being made.

Why do you think you would be a valuable asset for POD?: im constanly on the POD servers in ZPS and i believe i would be a good candidate for admin because i dont abuse admin powers and im often on when no POD member is (yes i have no life >.>)

What is your reason for joining?: POD is a kick ass ZPS clan or w/e you preferred o be called.

Something about yourself*; right now i live in this small ass town in the middle of no where and work at a bakery as one of the bakers. i love to longboard as often as the weather allows and i also enjoy airsofting. and obviously i game.

Games you play*: i have about 60 something games in my steam list as well as console/portable games i own. so there is a huge list of things i play. mainly shooters though.

Admin Vouch; CuddlyBear has vouched for me to be admin. frozen has to i think. not sure about the latter.

Additional Info*: may be moving around april to salem which i will not have internet where i live but will still often be on the internet with my laptop anywhere i can get a wifi signal.


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